В исторической части Венеции, увлекательный расположение и класс

Surf & Turf Entrees

Fresh marinated seafood (Salmon, Gilthead Bream, Sea Bass, Tuna, Langoustines and Oysters)  19.50

Marinated oysters on the half-shell served on a bed of ice each  €  4.00

Baked or grilled scallops  each    4.00

Tiny lagoon prawns with soft white polenta  €  14.70

Sautéed mussels and local clams   13.90

Steamed seafood medley    21.70

Orseolo-style king prawns with curry and pilaf rice  18.70

Mediterranean crab served in its shell €  19.80

Sardines marinated with onion, vinegar, raisins and pine nuts, served with cold polenta €  13.80

Salted cod pomade with warm bruschetta €  15.90

Ancient recipe Carbonera-style Cod served with cold polenta €  15.90

Beef carpaccio with spring greens and Parmesan cheese   17.00

Bresaola with salad greens and smoked ricotta € 15.80

Seasoned San Daniele raw ham    16.50

Caprese-style baby mozzarella and tomato salad  €  13.80

Marinated salmon served with brioche bread and yoghurt cream € 16,50

Home-made pasta:

Torcello-style fish soup   19.80

Veneto-style pasta and bean soup  14.50

Fresh fettuccine with local lobster € 30.00

Homemade spaghetti with black cuttlefish   15.80

Spaghetti with local clams or dried sea bass roe €  16.40

Fresh fettuccine with Mediterranean crab in its shell  19.90

Mediterranean-style Tagliolini pasta  18.80

Small macaroni pasta with scampi and tomato sauce   21.90

Risotto “Miramar” (at least 2 people) per portion    17.80

Homemade tagliolini with beef ragout  € 15.90

Spaghetti with fresh tomato and basil € 13.90

Spinach and ricotta stuffed ravioli with rocket pesto or pumpkin ravioli with smoked ricotta €  16.60 

Service fee 10% Some frozen products may be used when fresh ones are not available.

From the Rialto market

Grilled seafood platter (min. 2 persons per portion)    25.90

Grilled or “meuniere” style sole per 100g  € 7.50

Grilled or fried local cuttlefish  € 18.60

Adriatic fish fry-up served with vegetables and Tartare sauce € 26.80

Local Gilthead Bream, oven roasted in a potato crust per 100g  €  7.50

Mediterranean-style oven-roasted Turbot (at least 2 people)  per portion  €  27.50

Stewed Codfish with grilled polenta  27.40

Wild Sea bass fillet lightly oven roasted € 27.00

Venetian-style cuttlefish stew with fresh polenta  19.60

Fried langoustines and baby marrows with tartare sauce €  26.80

Meat dishes as follows: 

Venetian-style veal liver served with polenta  21.50

Curried chicken morsels served with pilaf rice  20.50

Braised veal-cheek stew with grilled polenta    23.50

Rare, Rosemary-crusted or fried lamb ribs with tartare sauce   24.50

Once upon a time stewed tripe served with croutons    23.50

Rosemary-flavoured sliced beef steak served on a bed of Rocket and roast potatoes on the side €  23.40

Steak Tartare with croutons  25.90

Cheeseboard with Gorgonzola, Taleggio, Parmesan, Montasio and spicy fruit chutneys   16.80

Garden-fresh salads  7.50

Pan-fried vegetables   7.50

Seasonal vegetables prepared as requested  € 7.50

The main dining room is unique: the tables and booths are originally from the Miramar Yacht that once belonged to Franz Joseph II and Princess Sissy